Dream Shard: Street Urchin

Dee woke up in good spirits this morning, certainly a pleasant sight after yesterday’s incident. The memories of her previous dream seem to have been mostly pushed into the background, though I don’t dare bring it up again. She approached us to submit a report before breakfast was even ready, so we talked over the table.

I’m filing the transcript now:

Observer 1: "Aaaand now we're recording. Okay, go ahead."

Dee: "Okay, so, it's pretty fuzzy, but I remember hiding a lot. Sneaking around guards and stuff. I was hiding in some pretty cramped spaces, so I guess I was pretty small." 

Observer 1: "What were the guards like?"

Dee: "Umm... I don't remember well. They were just vague person-shaped people, you know?"

Observer 1: "Okay, that's fine. Continue."

Dee: "Well, I specifically remember being on the run from these guards. They were looking for me. I was able to evade them pretty well, too. I found a little space under a fancy table that had a low bottom that I was sure they wouldn't find me in."

Observer 1: "They did, though, huh?"

Dee: "Well that's the thing! They did! But the person who found me gently coaxed me out of hiding and said they needed more workers. Said if I worked hard, I could even join the family. They were really nice." 

Observer 1: "They weren't mad at you for whatever you'd done?"

Dee: "I guess not. I felt like they were giving me a second chance. To get me off the streets, you know?"

Observer 1: "Yeah, I've heard of such arrangements being made before. Where do you think this occurred?"

Dee: "Mmm... I'm not sure. Everything was vague shapes. I couldn't see any faces and all the buildings and furniture were super fuzzy. Someone did mention the name of a place, but it was a name I couldn't pronounce, and I can't remember what it was."

Observer 1: "I see..."

Dee: "Sorry, I wish I could remember more."

Observer 2: "You're fine, sweetie. Dreams are fickle for everyone. Breakfast is ready, you two."

Due to the “fuzzy” nature of the dream, we can’t even begin to narrow down where or when this Shard is. Events like the ones Dee described have most likely happened all over the world on Terra, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have happened on other worlds as well. But I’ve noticed that Dee’s subconscious seems to fill in the blanks on shapes and features she’s not familiar with to make it easier for her to understand what she’s seeing. So it’s my guess that this took place on a world with non-humanoid inhabitants.

If anyone wants to ask her about this Shard, feel free; though I’d limit my expectations.

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