All of my credits are here! The list got sort of long to include in every video/the channel page.


Credits Music: “Maia’s Domain (Piano Vers)” – Zane Little
Just Chatting music: “Maia’s Domain” – Zane Little

Just Chatting Theme 2: Tim Beek

Cendarii Main Theme: Ami

Cendarii Battle Hymn: SpiralFlip

Embrace of Shadows: SpiralFlip

Divinity Protocol: Mei – lil_xiaolongbao

Divinity Protocol 2: Mei – lil_xiaolongbao

Zealot of Terra: Mei – lil_xiaolongbao

Stream Overlays:

All stream overlays are by Zixia

Controller overlay by ImBlakeLuna

Alert Sounds:

All alert sounds are by Arifmusic


Base model is VRoid

Season 4 Head model by Ocuuda

Eye texture is by me

Hair model by SakuSaku

Outfit texture by OFUJI, modified by me