75 dollars will get you a thigh-up reactive image of your VTuber or OC with an alternate image with a different expression (but same pose) to be used with things like Fugi.


When I open for commissions, I’ll mention it on Twitter. When I’m open, a form will be available below. I’ll leave it open until the designated closing time. I’ll let those I choose know if I’d like to take their order~ If I don’t select yours, don’t worry! Feel free to apply again next time!

If I’ve selected your commission, I’ll contact you on your preferred contact method. Be sure you either follow me on Twitter or keep an eye on your DMs to make sure you don’t miss my message! If I don’t get a reply from you within a few days, I may skip over you and select someone else!

I like to work very closely with clients, so I’ll send you mock-ups and sketches to make sure everything is to your liking before working on the lineart in earnest. I will send you periodic updates to ensure everything is working out for you. However once the lineart is done, I cannot go back to make major changes, so be sure to let me know if anything needs adjusting as it comes up!

After the lineart is done, I’ll color and shade it afterward before showing you a final draft. If one of the tones needs changing, feel free to let me know; it’s easy enough to change.

Once you’ve confirmed the finalized piece, it will be considered finished and no additional changes will be made.


I’m not very experienced with male or furry characters, but may be willing to give yours a shot. Feel free to submit a request! Just be aware it may take longer.

I’m not experienced at all with mecha/robotic designs, and likely won’t accept requests for them. I also will not accept NSFW commissions.

I may charge extra for ultra-detailed designs, as well.


Commissions from me can be used in streams, videos, as banners, profile images, and so forth (assuming you have the rights of the characters to do so!). They cannot, however, be used in video games, on album covers, or anything else intended to be sold without first working something out.

Credit is required.