Anomaly File: The Dreamer

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The Dreamer

Species: Human

Age: [Withheld]

Appearance: A young human woman with long white hair, blue eyes, and pale skin

Anomalous nature: The ability to peer into Shards while dreaming

We found The Dreamer in an orphanage after receiving reports of a young girl who would wake up with different personalities some mornings, telling stories of fantastical events as though she were there, sometimes even events that truly happened. We adopted her using a pair of Observers as her “foster parents,” and brought her here to test if these events were the result of some power or something simpler.

After a line of non-invasive tests and interviews, we were able to determine that her dream state allows her to observe a Shard through the eyes of one of its inhabitants. To her, these dreams may last for many days or even weeks, though she rarely sleeps more than eight or ten hours at night. She has lived in our facility for several years now and has relatively free access to the more harmless parts of the facility, and may leave to go outside for walks or go shopping if she wishes. Even as she’s grown up, she has stated that she’d rather stay here with us. Should she choose to leave the facility to live on her own, she must be allowed to do so.

In return for allowing us to study her dreams, she is to have a good-sized living area in which she can sleep, eat, store belongings, and practice hobbies. We also provide her food and a spending allowance that she can use to purchase things in town.

She does not visit a Shard every time she sleeps, and often times the memories are so foggy that she cannot provide useful details. Even so, the information on the nature of Shards is useful, and has even allowed us to visit a handful ourselves with enough detail to help us track down a location. Many of the locations she describes do not match any place on Earth, so we must assume she must be able to dream of other worlds, as well.

[Observer’s note: the reader may not be familiar with Shards if they do not work in this department. To put it simply, a Shard is a pocket dimension broken off from the main fabric of reality, usually by some kind of dramatic event. Often times they loop their dramatic event over and over, but sometimes they continue as they would have as a sort of miniature parallel dimension.]

Due to the nature of her visits, she often times wakes up displaying the personality traits of the person whose body she inhabited during her dream. It may take an hour or two for her to come to her senses and realize she’s back in her own body, so please show patience. While she understands the nature of her condition, it is still difficult for her to tell the difference between her dreaming and waking states at times. Time is especially difficult for her; she tends to think more time has passed than in reality.

We recommend an on-call therapist, as well. To us, her experiences may be “just dreams,” but please remember that she experiences those places as if she were the person she’s viewing them through. Emotions and all. Imagine how many loved ones she’s lost over the years.